Internet Marketing – 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Site


I always wanted to start my own venture. My dreams were big, but I didn’t want to just make a lot of money I wanted to create something and that was Justdial. I wanted to touch the lives of a million people.

Do a little research before you rent. Try to find a reputable renting agency that has good service and reasonable prices. You can look for them over on the Internet, or in your Canada Business directory. Always ask for references.

In many ways, working as an employee for a big company tends to give you the feeling that you are simply another piece to the puzzle. Jobs working for another man can make you feel that what you do isn’t important, that no matter how you try to alter your work ethic, it ultimately fails to affect the grand scheme of things. You have good ideas, but nobody ever gets to hear them! You might think that the majority of your job is smoke and mirrors, and that the only hope for progress is through playing your cards right in the game of inner-office politics.

Visit the websites of the ones you’re considering. You should get a feel for the type of salon it is and, in most cases, be able to check out their price list.

10) Locksmiths – Whether you’re forever locking yourself out, need a new set of keys to be cut or want the locks changing, a directory can help you with your search.

By creating a contest or drawing, you will attract people and create excitement around your booth. A requirement for the contest could be completing a submission form or submit a business card. This allows you to gather their to be used for future marketing efforts.

What do you do when you’re on the radio talk show? You call them from your home, or they call you. You supply them ahead of time with a list of 10 or so questions that they can ask you. When you’re answering the questions, remember first that you are there to make the host look good and second you are there to entertain and inform listeners. You want to listeners to remember how entertaining and informative you were so they will be looking for even more from you and will buy your book to get it. On towards the end of the interview, the host will ask you how listeners can get a copy of your book. Then you can tell them.

Apart from Justdial’s presence in Chennai, Mr. Mani had a strong connect with Chennai. According to him, it’s a city that perfectly balances the ancient with the modern. On one hand you have ancient temples and on the other modern sky rises and they both exist in perfect harmony. To him Chennai is a journey into a timeless India’.