Setup Your Own Marketing Strategy


More so than ever, we’re starting to see small mom and pop type businesses have success marketing their business online. They are just following what the biggest companies in the world know – online marketing works.

Be weary of any manufacturer that tries to charge you hidden fees or gives you a quota you have to sell. You are acting as a salesman on their behalf, so make sure you are being treated like one rather than a donator. Keeping an eye out for potential scams is another skill that a successful dropshipper must learn.

Tip # 2: The lesson that could be learned from the above account is to lay down and make known in clear fashion your goal to every stake holder of your read more. They include your spouse and your web designer, among others.

Whether it takes one person 5 minutes or 20 minutes to learn and complete a step on the checklist, once completed each person has the same knowledge. Having the same knowledge makes you equal. Having the same knowledge allows each person to be successful no matter what your small business online background or former education is.

Many small businesses have around eight or ten phone lines to use as well as needing access to the internet. A T1 internet connection could be an ideal solution. Bigger companies would choose to use a T2 or a T3. A T1 is more suited to a business that has many employees browsing the internet.

You can also think about tax deductible purchases such as that new couch you bought this year that children sit on, or how about your cell phone bill that parents call you up on. If a household expense can some how relate to your childcare business, than you can write it off.

Don’t look upon your income as spare cash: look on it as your income, even if you still have a regular job. Most that are still learning about what is needed to make money online have a day job, although quite a few are unemployed. That’s why they are trying to use the internet to make a living especially now with the current economic climate. Think positive. Fortunes are built during the bad times and cashed in during the good times.

The learning curve isn’t as long as you think. If you can devote just 15 to 30 minutes a day to marketing your business online, I promise you will see results fast.

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